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  • "One of the best ideas that we have put on the table about one year ago was to hire Chris Kutarna as our keynote speaker for the 2019 Alex Trebek Distinguished Lecture. Your lecture was inspiring and provided us with a vision for the future which is tomorrow. An overall feeling of security as we learned a bit of what will constitute tomorrow." - Lucie Gendron (University of Ottawa)
  • "Chris spoke at our inaugural Executive Edge Asia event in May 2019 in Tokyo. Leading up to the presentation, Chris worked closely with my team to craft the messaging and storyline of the keynote taking into close consideration of our theme and business requirements whilst providing valuable inputs to ensure that his presentation gave the macro view of the possibilities of the future. His keynote on the Leadership in the Second Renaissance really resonates with our CXO audience. During his presentation, he helped us see the big picture and illustrates the possibilities when we, as leaders, shift our perspectives to look at the present context with different eyes – and ask different questions. Many of our clients gave very favorable feedback on his presentation and helped them see their business from a fresh look. I would highly recommend Chris to speak at events for senior business executives." - (DXC Technology)
  • "Chris regularly works with our customised Executive Education clients, which include many of the world's largest companies. His passion for teaching, coupled with a strong intellectual insight, ensures his sessions are lively, impactful and energising. Chris makes sense of disruption, ambiguity, global trends and future scenarios with creativity and flair, and encourages participants to see complex problems in a new, holistic way. I would strongly recommend Chris for speaking events and conferences." - Sara Wright, Client Director - Custom Executive Education (Saïd Business School - University of Oxford)
  • "The Ellen MacArthur Foundation hosted its inaugural Pacific Summit in New Zealand in April 2019. This was an experimental one-day event in response to growing enthusiasm for the topic of circular economy in New Zealand and the broader Pacific. The major narrative thread of the day was to explore the synergies between circular economy, a contemporary economic perspective in Western economies, and indigenous worldview, in particular Maori ‘maturanga’. This was a rich but sensitive topic which required a considered and nuanced approach. Chris Kutarna delivered a pitch-perfect bespoke talk that framed the day and laid the foundation for highly positive exchange. It is not an exaggeration to say that Chris’s contribution was key to the success of the event overall." - (Ellen MacArthur Foundation)
  • "Highly engaging, interesting and entertaining. Chris delivered insightful details on this complex topic in a way that was accessible to our audience of well-informed non- experts. A difficult needle to thread, and Chris succeeded. We all left the room with a better understanding of A.I. technology. More importantly, we left with a better grasp of how to lead through the implications of A.I. adoption. I’ve since received numerous positive comments from attendees from across the Ministry, and requests for Chris to help other groups make the same journey." - Department of Defence Economics (UK Ministry of Defence)
  • "'In everyday life, we are often too busy running around and worrying about small details. Listening to Chris, you suddenly get lifted above all of that. And you suddenly see something much larger: the whole. His words are so important.”" - (British Chamber of Commerce, Lithuania)
  • "Thank you Chris for helping to make our Emerging energy sector forum an huge success. I was thoroughly impressed with your ability and experience in interpreting the goals of our forum and crafting some very useful, insightful and though provoking keynote topics which allowed all the participants to further explore the themes of the day and the subsequent presentations from other speakers. Many of the participants noted that your presentation was a highlight of their day and of the entire conference."" - General Manager – Business Development (POWERCO)
  • "Chris was an absolute rock star. We all expected an outstanding event and he delivered so much more. Our corporate audience responded enthusiastically to Chris’ unusual format of a ‘debate with himself’ which stimulated continuing and engaging conversations well after the event ended. Chris was the perfect combination of authentic, provocative, fun, deeply knowledgeable with personal warmth. A highlight of our corporate speaker series program" - (State Library Victoria)
  • "Let me thank you for such a wonderful set of remarks that you delivered at our board dinner last month. They were insightful, humorous, topical, and out of the realm of our normal energy market addresses. My board members are still talking about them – and put many of the energy market discussions we had at the following meetings within the context of your observations. You were able to take history, show how to link it to today’s decision making from a broad policy perspective, and then show how it will impact us at a business level but also in our personal lives. " - President (North American Energy Standards Board)
  • "At a recent event launching the International Business Festival, Chris gave a fascinating presentation on the ‘Future’. Such a broad concept would be difficult to explore over the course of several books, but Chris managed to do so in a matter of 15 minutes and in a way which was both enthralling and enlightening. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Chris as a speaker and look forward to welcoming him as one of the hosts of our Festival main stage this June." - Chairman (The Riverside Group)
  • "Chris was a huge hit. Our industry is very focused on the major trends you predicted and how we can better serve our customers. Thank you for your tremendous insights." - President (Edison Electric Institute)
  • "I attend and speak in a lot of conferences. I can say that yours was one of the most interesting and thought-provoking keynotes that I’ve seen recently. I personally have worked on the megatrends, and the way you presented takes people out of their comfort zone." - Executive Board Member (EDP)


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