In a world quickly spinning out of control, Dr. Chris Kutarna is a lone point of balance and clarity. Chris rips up the outdated mental maps that have served us so poorly in recent years—maps that led us to think that Brexit was impossible, that Trump was unelectable, that globalization was irreversible, that China’s democratization was inevitable, that facts were incontrovertible.

Chris draws a fresh map—one that describes the new world we’re in now—so that you, your organization, your profession or industry or country, can captain humanity’s voyage to a second Renaissance.

Chris Kutarna is the co-author of Age of Discovery: Navigating the Storms of Our Second Renaissance, a best-selling, internationally acclaimed book published by Bloomsbury and St Martin’s Press in eight languages. Among other predictions, Dr. Chris Kutarna accurately predicted Brexit and the election of Donald Trump points out that “history rhymes,” where historical patterns of human behavior can be applied to present-day movements. He uses maps as a metaphor to explain his thinking and says that we need to renew our societal maps to shape our future by “looking at the world with a lens that is updated.

In late 2018, Chris launched the Renaissance Expedition: a global journey to find, connect, support and challenge the pathfinders who are leading society and business into the new world. The non-profit Expedition convenes invite-only “basecamps” around the world. The first, held in North America, brought together Nobel Laureates, award-winning artists and singers, billionaires, disadvantaged youth and other leaders to shake up their own paradigms and make new maps together.

Chris is the lead-off presenter for two of the three flagship Executive Education programs at Oxford Saïd Business School—the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme and the Oxford Advanced Management & Leadership Programme. (Oxford’s flagship programs are currently ranked #2 in the world by Financial Times.)

Chris’ monthly essays (published at are read by thousands of senior executives, journalists, academics, policymakers and business leaders.

He has been a two-time Governor General’s Medallist, a Commonwealth Scholar, and a Fellow of the Oxford Martin School at Oxford University. Chris consulted with BCG in New Zealand, Australia, and China. Chris holds a doctorate in Politics (of China) from the University of Oxford, started a business in Beijing, and speaks Mandarin.

Sample talk:

“AI: History, Hype, Hysteria—and Hope ”

Chris’ latest offering is “AI: History, Hype, Hysteria—and Hope.

A.I. is an emerging general-purpose technology. It will be widely adopted. It will present new opportunities for action inside your organization—and in your own role—every single day. The returns on A.I. literacy, and the costs of A.I. ignorance will likewise accrue daily.

Dr Chris Kutarna is a synthesizer and sense-maker. In this talk, he makes sense of “Artificial Intelligence” in a way that helps you and your team to lead the development, adoption and consequences of emerging algorithmic technologies in your organization and in society.

Chris’ keynote answers four big questions to help non-specialists lead through the AI storm:

Along the way, Chris will:

Expected Outcomes

As a result of this keynote experience, your organization will widen the group of people who can convene strategic conversations and make strategic decisions about AI.

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“Leadership in the Second Renaissance” 

On this journey, Chris:

You will take away:


“Trade in the Second Renaissance” 

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