We're a speaker agency geared towards helping event planners succeed in locating the best speakers for their events

About us

We’re an agency that helps event planners easily find the ideal speaker for their upcoming events. We set out to build a platform that lets event planners from a diverse range of topics do just that.

While speaker databases can help you plan events, they often cater to speakers rather than event planners. Through our global offices, we’ve established relationships with speakers worldwide. 

The best part?

We do the hard work upfront, so you don’t have to spend precious resources tracking down the ideal speaker.

Whether one of our speakers looks perfect for your event, or you need help finding the ideal person– we’re here to make that match happen.

We do extensive background research on all speakers we work with: getting more info on speakers you’re interested in, finding similar speakers to those on our website, or finding speakers in a different field.