Chris Kutarna

Author, Facilitator and Mapmaker asking the questions we need to navigate our current world

Chris is an author, speaker, facilitator and mapmaker, asking questions we need to navigate our rapidly changing world. He offers the concept of “Questing together” as an alternative to “Thought leadership”. He’s the best-selling co-author of Age of Discovery, now published in 10 languages. Chris is a TED Speaker at TED Institute and the lead-off faculty for Oxford Saïd Business School’s Advanced Management and Leadership Program. He is the founder of Basecamp, helping senior leaders to identify and convene the most impactful conversations that aren’t happening.

Chris has spoken around the world delivering unique, visual and fun presentations that help the audience embrace and think differently about change. His presentations provide a powerful, positive, creative context that sets the tone for deep collaboration to follow. Chris is a thought-partner to Think Tanks, C-level executives, Educators, billionaires, board members, Nobel laureates, celebrity journalists, CEOs, senior bureaucrats and militaries, students, and Uber drivers. They help each other to think deeply and differently about the times we’re living in. 

Chris inspires and invites the audience to explore the questions and actions that will create tomorrow’s world. Chris is an experienced and dynamic presenter not only on stage or the boardroom, but also through online platforms and hybrid conference models. 


The Pandemic: Make This Your Moment Of Discovery

“Right now, we have a once-in-a-generation chance to stop, think about what we’re doing, and make big discoveries before we start again. We owe it to ourselves and to everyone who has suffered in this crisis, to seize this opportunity to make the most important discoveries we possibly can, before this moment passes us by.”

“[Age of Discovery is] an essential guide—and a superb ride—through our current stormy moment.”

Arianna Huffington

Chris was a rock star. Our corporate audience responded enthusiastically to his unusual format of a ‘debate with himself’ which stimulated engaging conversations well after the event ended. Chris was the perfect combination of authentic, provocative, fun, deeply knowledgeable with personal warmth. A highlight of our corporate speaker series.” 


(State Library Victoria)

Highly engaging, interesting and entertaining. Chris delivered insightful details on this complex topic in a way that was accessible to our audience of well-informed non-experts. A difficult needle to thread and Chris succeeded. We all left with a better grasp of how to lead through the implications of A.I. adoption.”

Department of Defence Economics (UK Ministry of Defence)

“One of our best ideas was to hire Chris as our keynote speaker for the 2019 Alex Trebek Distinguished Lecture. Your lecture was inspiring and provided us with a vision for the future and an overall feeling of security as we learned a bit of what will constitute tomorrow.” 

Lucie Gendron (University of Ottawa)