Fanny Lakoubay

NFT speaker and art advisor

Fanny has spent the past 14 years advising corporations, institutional investors, private-equity firms and high net worth individuals on the burgeoning NFT markets. As NFT command prices with wild swings in the market, Fanny makes sense of it all. A few of the issues covers in her talks: – What is an NFT? – What are NFTs used for? – Why is the NFT format revolutionary? – Who is buying NFTs? – Where can you buy NFTs? – What are the current concerns of NFTs? – What is the environmental impact of NFTs? – Is it a fad or are NFTs here to stay? – Why should you care? Fanny will leave your audience with a far greater understanding of NFTs, whether they’re new to the market or an experienced crypto developer.

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Fanny Lakoubay - NFT expert

Sample Talks

For the first time, digital files can be made rare (limited edition or unique). It is a ground-breaking innovation for digital artists or video artists who have worked with jpg and video files that could be indefinitely replicable and which could not be owned. Now, they can, which means a value can be attached to their work, which is the first step to create a market. Buying and selling digital works is now possible. Besides, artists can now claim royalties self-enforced by the smart contract of the NFT for any resale, which has never ever been the case before and allows for passive income for artists.

NFTs have been created to give back the power and the asset value to their creators, which is now greatly achieved by the platforms. However artists need to regain control of their terms and be able to customize the royalties they get (e.g. if they split the revenue with collaborators or curators, how to access the files if the platform disappears, etc.). In this talk, Fanny explains what is required to make it a sustainable space.

Most NFTs are created (minted) on the Ethereum blockchain, which has a large environmental impact in terms of mining that requires a ton of computing power. However new blockchains arriving on the scene are way more ecologically friendly and are getting traction. How can we ensure the mining infrastructure supports both NFTs and the environment.

The proof of concept is undeniable. Initial use cases, such as art and music have shown the importance of accountability inherent in the Blockchain and how NFTs leverage this trait to combat piracy. Fanny helps audiences see how NFT usage will become mainstream and how to get in early.

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