Jon Duschinsky

Inspiring leaders to Make More Money by Doing More Good.

Many companies understand the WHAT and the HOW of what they do — but have lost sight of the WHY (its purpose).

The key to unlocking your company’s WHY is found in your employees. Help them discover (or rediscover) their own purpose so that you can better define yours.

Jon Duschinky collaborates with company leaders on how to understand their WHY. The result helps them best communicate and illustrate their purpose to employees. And once your employees’ purpose is aligned with your own, you’ll both be in the position to grow and prosper. It’s all about being in sync. 

” If I know what you stand for, I can choose to stand with you.
If I don’t, you will stand alone”
— Proverb

Through Jon’s actionable 5-step process, you will:

  1. Discover and recognize that you are living most of your life on autopilot, often devoid of innovation or motivation. 
  2.  Identify strategies to unlock that autopilot and help you overcome learned biases.
  3.  Develop a new vision that serves your purpose.
  4. Reveal and present your company’s story in a way that makes it feel fresh, with purpose and meaning. And most importantly, how your employees will benefit from this new story.
  5. Be able to align corporate and employee incentives and job roles based on shared purposes.
  6. For over 17 years, Jon Duschinsky has been helping leaders and employees make decisions that benefit a company’s culture, staff retention, and the bottom line. Invite Jon to come and do the same for your company.

Sample Talks

Every company can (and should) Do More Good and Make More Money. In this disruptive and inspiring keynote Jon will shift your perspective on what business is for and give you the tools to take meaningful action from the moment he leaves the stage.

Most of your employees are living on autopilot. Learn how to boost their Human Fulfillment Quotient, accelerate productivity, and get your company ready for the future of work.

Creating sustainability targets is easy. Creating a culture of impact is not. This keynote will show you how Business for Good can drive ESG and sustainability excellence while boosting productivity and impact.

In this compelling and life-changing keynote, you will unlock the Purpose-Driven Leader in you. Get ready to build a new leadership toolkit that will transform the way others follow you.