Maria Ressa

Co-founder & CEO of Rappler

Journalist, Author, Freedom Advocate

2021 Nobel Peace Prize Winner

If you’re looking to inspire your audience with a fearless, fighting journalist and pioneering digital entrepreneur, consider CEO, Maria Ressa.

Her 2021 Nobel Peace Prize forever recognized her brave efforts to call out “fake news” and disinformation. Maria’s techniques and tools are next-gen, but her ability to uncover corruption is old-school and hard edge. She’s a reporter in the true sense of the term “freedom of speech:” she’s currently out on bail pending the appeal of her conviction of cyber-libel. Add it to the pile – she’s had at least 10 arrest warrants – so far.

In the meantime, you be the judge: Maria exposed the Duterte government’s corrupt practices, an evil that unfortunately is not just limited to the Philippines. Calling out the world’s bad actors is a life calling for Time magazine’s Person of the Year (2018) and one of its 100 Most Influential People (2019).

Maria is globally acknowledged for her brave – sometimes life-risking/sometimes one-woman – battles to “safeguard freedom of expression, which is a precondition for democracy and lasting peace.” Now she is ready to share her story and advise how to create, grow and maintain corporate governance, values and strategy. She’ll also connect the dots as to how social media often deceives and entrenches political power, a dilemma that we all face.

Need to know more? Devour the 2020 documentary A Thousand Cuts, which features Maria’s ballsy reporting on the abuses of the Duterte presidency.

How to Stand up to a DictatorMaria’s third book, is an urgent cry for readers worldwide to recognize and understand the dangers to our freedoms before it is too late.

Translated into 18 languages, How to Stand up to a Dictator is now available in the U.K. through Penguin Books and available worldwide via Harper Collins.

How To Stand Up To A Dictator - UK Edition  How to Stand Up to a Dictator

Maria now travels the world speaking to organizations of all kinds on freedom of the press, democracy, and corporate governance.

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