Our Speakers

Glen Weyl
Political Economist and Social Technologist, Founder of RxC

Maria Ressa, CEO of Rappler, Journalist and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
Maria Ressa
CEO of Rappler, Journalist, 2021 Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Jon Duschinsky
Inspiring leaders to Make More Money by Doing More Good

Dr. Lisa Sanders - New York Times columnist of Diagnosis and the Netflix hit series
Dr. Lisa Sanders
NY Times columnist, host of the Netflix's hit series Diagnosis
Confidence Staveley
Confidence Staveley
Award-winning Cybersecurity Professional

Lorraine Hariton
Loraine, CEO of Catalyst, helping build equitable workplaces
Fanny Lakoubay
NFT speaker and art advisor demistifies the NFT world

Andrew Trask
At DeepMind and Founder of OpenMined, a global AI platform